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The healthiest pregnancy is always dream of women who think about getting pregnant. The informal and formal discussions and sharing about pregnancy is normal between wife and husband however, it needs to be more specific, informative and scientific to fertilize a healthy baby. Timely health care services also support to pledge a healthy and enjoyable parenting ahead. This planning can be comprised of the following three dimensions;

  • Healthy lifestyle choices including balance nutrition, exercises are important before and during pregnancy
  • Identify qualifies and experienced health care provider to visit before getting pregnant
  • Find a prenatal care provider before your pregnancy

Doing your best to keep yourself healthy before and during pregnancy will help you to be more prepared to handle the changes that come with being pregnant. TahTakuchi structured a program prepare you for a healthy parenting lifestyle and enjoy the prenatal and antenatal life. Following is the outline of this program;

  • Self-exploring is set of exercises and drills enable you to know and record your past and inheritances. You will be engaged in many physical, cognitive and psychosocial activities to explore yourself e.g. you will know about your health history (including reproductive health, including any sexually transmitted infections or earlier pregnancies/miscarriages), lifestyle (home, work, leisure activities and settings) and family medical history.
  • You will be linked with health care provider for a pre-pregnancy checkup. Health care provider can help you lower risks associated with pregnancy or existing medical conditions that could affect/be affected by pregnancy, for example:
    • Auto-immune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV or AIDS
    • Blood disorders such as hemoglobinopathy or hyperphenylalaninemia
    • Cancer, Deep vein thrombosis, Depression, Diabetes, Eating disorders
    • Epilepsy, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Kidney disease
    • Obesity, Thyroid disorders, Anxiety, Asthma

Even if you think you are healthy and ready to get pregnant, a pre-pregnancy checkup is a good opportunity to start asking questions. Make a list of issues before your appointment and ask your care provider for information.

  • He or she may recommend you receive the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and various other vaccines before you become pregnant. Other vaccines are recommended during pregnancy, like Tdap (to protect against whooping cough). It’s also important for pregnant women to get the flu vaccine. You can review a CDC chart of vaccines for before, during and after pregnancy.
  • You are advised to go for vaccinations which are also important before and even during pregnancy. Exposure to chickenpox, rubella (German measles) and the measles during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Before getting pregnant, make sure you either got the vaccine or already had the disease as a child (a blood test can check for immunity if you are not sure). If it turns out you need a vaccination, wait at least one month after having that shot before trying to get pregnant.
  • Both depression and anxiety can harm your overall health, your pregnancy and the well-being of your developing fetus. They can take a big toll after the baby is born, and continue to negatively impact your well-being and that of your baby, as well as your family life and your experience at this special time.