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Kids Care & Development Program


Tah Takuchi Kids Care Program is structured to provide a platform for young children who need extensive support and care in a safe, secure and learning environment for a balance nurturing. This program supports the parents who want to engage their children in early childhood reading circles, exploring cultures, learn the core values of today’s societies. We engage the young children in real time challenges of cognitive, psychosocial and physical development in urban and rural settings. Tah Takuchi has developed its own curriculum and plans based on the extensive learning and experience of 18 years with early childhood development programs in Pakistan. We incorporate the contemporary child development knowledge and practices in this Program. Continuous learning and development is our core value to meet the contemporary nurturing requirements in global competition.

This program also provides chances for the young children to directly interact with caregiving experts, doctors, physiotherapies and early childhood educationists. Our peer support and active learning approaches are the child development catalysts to create independency in children. Tah Takuchi contributes for the 4th Sustainable Development Goal i.e. “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning” under his program


We ensure to provides impartial and confidential advice and treats all children with respect regardless of gender, religion, family status, disability, political persuasion, socio-economic background or any other factor. TT also committed to contribute for the 5th Sustainable Development Goal i.e. “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” under his program.


The Aim of Kids Care & Development Program is to promote and lay the foundations for lifelong learning and balance nurturing of young children of age 2-5 years.


Following are the major objectives of this program;

  1. Provide lifelong learning opportunities to young children in safe and secure environment.
  2. Engage young children in healthy activities to become independent in their later lives.
  3. Facilitate young children to develop language, mathematics and social development skills to lays the foundations for academic excellence in later life.
  4. Provide support for smooth transformation of children from home to schools.
  5. Build peer learning and supportive behavior among children.
  6. Organize various activities such as seminars, workshops, expert’s briefings etc.
  7. Prove to be the best hub among children, teachers, homes and schools.
  8. Facilitate the children and parents to select suitable school.


  • Healthy nutrition has very impotent role for the physical development of children and the supervised feeding /nutrition is mandatory for the children, therefore TT will ensure to provide fresh and healthy food as per the age group of children. A healthy baby’s nutrition menu will be followed that will approve by nutritionists.
  • Physical activities are the entire part of the services. Customized and specialized exercises including masaj therapies will be the integral part of this program which are designed and carryout under supervision of trained facilitators. Mera pehla Jim is customized and prepared for the children.
  • Motor and gross motor skills development are another key area for the balanced development of children. TT customized the developmental milestone for children and prepare learning and development area to create enabling environment for balanced nurturing of children. Individual, peer and group activities will be carried out under supervision of highly trained child care givers
  • Timely spelling and rest have also important role in the nurturing of children therefore TT make sure the timely sleeping and rest for the kids in peaceful space under care of trained and supervised caregivers in mera sleeping and rest room
  • Join activities of children, parents and grandparent are key sources to transfer the values and norms from one generation to another in our society therefore TT will ensure to arrange weekly and periodical indoor and outdoor activities and events for stakeholders and engage them in multilinking , learning and grooming exercises

Partners & Customers

Tah Takuchi always believes on partnership to excel in the programs and provide excellent services to its valued customers. To become a successful social enterprise, we ensure to contribute for the 5th Sustainable Development Goal i.e. “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development” under each intuitive of TahTakuchi.

Following are our initial partners to drive the agenda of Tah Takuchi;

  • School Going Children
  • The Queen School of Knowledge
  • Oxford School System
  • Al Noor School
  • Imperial School
  • AliedSchool System
  • Shifa Hospital
  • Child Life
  • Children Club