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Day Care & School Readiness Program

Foundations for Lifelong Learning and Development Program is structured to lay the foundations for lifelong learning for young children who need extensive support and care in a safe and secure environment for smooth nurturing. It has two portfolios including Learning Foundations and School Readiness Program. It includes different activities lead towards the smooth transformation of children from home to school. The Day Care facilities are arranged by considering the needs of children who away from mothers for hours in a day. We care and engage children in cognitive, psychosocial and physical development exercises.

  • Early reading & listening skills
  • My first music & artwork
  • Fine and gross motor skillsDay Care & School Readiness Program
  • Sensorial development
  • Language development
  • Mathematical mind
  • Sports and physical exercises
  • Physical & practical exercise
  • Lunch, nap and sleeping therapies
  • Tah Takuchi magic words and expressions