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Tah Takuchi Center of Lifelong Learning and Development

Tah Takuchi is a social enterprise, committed to create an enabling environment for nurturing of children and adolescents. It registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It intensely engages parents, children, teachers, youth and other stakeholders through various programs and activities including sessions, workshops, training, seminars, exposure visits and family dialogues. It also strives to improve the quality of life by taking right step at right time for the families and communities. All the initiatives at Tah Takuchi are child-centered, holistic, culturally and contextually relevant to the children, women and their families where they live. Tah Takuchi established Center of Lifelong Learning and Development (CLLD) in Rawalpindi to officer the following programs;

  • Foundations for Lifelong Learning & Development
  • After School
  • Career Development


Tah Takuchi CLLD Offers:

  • A warm and loving environment for your child that emphasizes on sense of responsibility and self-discipline
  • A Program that laying the foundation for lifelong learning, independence and creativity
  • Maintain and establish collaborative bonding with each child and parents
  • Transform the core values of humanity
  • Provision of necessary life skills
  • Uniquely focus on motor and gross motor skills
  • Provide a healthy, safe, spacious and multi-sensorial environment
  • Trained and highly experienced staff who care and love children
  • Safety and security under a reliable and professional team
  • Additional service of nutritionist, pediatrician, nurses to ensure utmost care of the children
  • Provision of ongoing assessments of a children’s progress
  • Tah Takuchi believes “Each Child is Unique”