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Program Framework
Our strategic framework for Human Development aims to provide the SMART development approaches and systems for investment in this sector. The Framework allows for strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and innovations to implement a holistic program of human development initially focuses on children and youth. An inclusive programmatic approach envisages to promote a scientific child care and value based nurturing since inception. Enhance access to improved learning – both immediate and in the long term. It begins by encouraging the parents to redefine ‘value based nurturing’ as beyond ‘care/food’, where parents, teachers and youth have the necessary knowledge, skills, behaver and capabilities to provide a healthy, balanced, and enabling environment for holistic development. The framework encourages the communities to realistically map their child development needs using the human life cycle approach, so that demand for services is articulated not only for children, but other key stakeholder categories, e.g. parents, youth, persons with disabilities.

Engaging children in healthy activities envisage healthier later life/future

To contribute in the nonstop human development processes Tahtakuchi has structured the following programs;

  • Pre-Pregnancy Care
  • Antenatal Care and Guidance
  • Infancy Development & Care
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Adolescent Development & Care