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Our Philosophy

Tahtakuchi’s philosophy of Human Development is not only caring, schooling, training and engaging human in worldly life but it encompasses variety of scientific learning /development from prenatal till the end of life from a stage to another. ¬†Each stage has its own importance and role in the socio-economic transformation of human on this earth and life hereafter. However, the studies of child development are more complex and complicated as compare to other stages due to rapidly changes and stabilities in various aspects of child development therefore it is becoming more challenging day by day for parents and elders. The early architecture of human brain drastically affects the later stages of human development and optimum utilization of the human body. Developmental scientists view the human development with three dimensions 1- cognitive, 2- psychosocial 3- physical which are closely related to each other:

  1. Change and abilities in mental abilities, such as learning, memory, language, thinking, moral reasoning and creativity constitute the cognitive development.
  2. Change and stabilities in personality, emotional life, and social relations together constitute the psychosocial development.
  3. Growth of the body and brain, senior capacities, motor skills and health are the part of the physical developement.

Tahtakuchi believes on the holistic development of children i.e. an equal contribution from parents, teachers and curriculum develops balance personality in children. We focus on the first four stages of human development; prenatal, infancy & toddlers, early childhood and adolescence.