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Tahtakuchi is a social enterprise committed to build the capacities of youth and parents to create enabling environment for a balanced growth and development of children. It deeply engages parents, children, teachers, youth and other stakeholders in the world to improve the quality of life by taking right step on right time. All the interventions of TahTakuchi are child-centered, holistic and culturally/contextually relevant to the children and their families where they live.

Most of the children and youth of developing countries are unable to reach their potential due to various constraints such as lack of information, resources and commitment of government and other stakeholders. Such constraints can be eliminated by joining hands and find relevant and cost-effective solutions for parents, schools and other institutions. Tahtakuchi believes equal participation of parents, teachers, youth and other stakeholders to generate new ideas to improve the quality of life and access/find new/contemporary horizons.

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Our Mission

Enable and empower parents, teachers and youth to create an enabling environment for the holistic development of children and adolescents.

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Our Vision

A society that nurtures values and ensure the holistic development of children.

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Love, integrity, respect, innovation, equity, inclusiveness, transparency, and customer’s satisfaction